Vintage Oaks Community Update


Video Transcription:

Ricki and Eric Holt

My name is Ricki Holt. I’ve just been at Vintage Oaks for about a month now. We love the views and the people here are so wonderful. They’re just so accepting and so nice. It’s just a gorgeous place to live.

We moved from Houston, so the small-town atmosphere is just so much better. Prior to moving here, my friend, Donna, had introduced me to a lot of the people here. Just in talking to her, if anybody was sick or anybody needed to move or needed anything, the whole group here in Vintage Oaks was here to help them.

Everyone is so friendly. It is such a big difference from the big city. It’s just so great.

When you walk into our bedroom and you look out the back, you can see a beautiful view. As you continue through our bedroom and into our bathroom, there is just an unbelievable view. You can just see forever. Every morning is just a wonderful feeling to be able to look out and see the beautiful things around you.

I was attracted to Vintage Oaks. I grew up in west Texas, always loved the Hill Country and hoped we could get back here someday. Vintage Oaks has so much to offer. The community center is absolutely gorgeous. I think the people who work here have been so nice and have answered every question I have ever had and go above and beyond, making this a wonderful place.

I think it’s an incredible place to live. If you’re looking at buying in Vintage Oaks, the first thing you’re going to see is the amazing scenery. It’s so beautiful here.

The one thing that makes a community is the kindness and the companionship of your neighbors. As short a time as I’ve been here, I already feel that community atmosphere. I think that is probably the biggest asset as far as moving into Vintage Oaks.

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