Timber Ridge Park and Veteran's Walk Dedication

Residents and area dignitaries gathered at the new Timber Ridge Park on Saturday, June 27th for the formal dedication of Timber Ridge Park and Veteran's Walk. 

Timber Ridge Park and Veteran's Walk is the newest addition to the community’s amenity package and a direct reflection of its dedication to veterans. This 23-acre park offers serene spaces for relaxation and recreation within a stunning landscape that showcases beautiful Hill Country vistas.

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Video Transcript:

Ron Diana

Vintage Oaks found this wonderful piece of property out here. They set aside 23 acres to allow the presentation of the veterans who live here, and their family members and extended family members, and some walking trails that allow solitude and time to come and reflect.

Both my wife and I served and retired from the military, our fathers served in the Second World War and our son is currently serving today. We have four sons, one is currently serving. We hope to reserve this stone for him and commemorate three generations of military service for our country.


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