Vintage Oaks residents utilize the Texas Veteran Land Board to obatin Land Loans

Over 60 percent of Vintage Oaks residents are Texas Veterans, many of whom have utilized the Texas Veteran Land Board to obtain land and home loans to build their dream home in the Texas Hill Country.

Learn more about land loans available to Texas Veterans and download the official Texas Veterans' Land & Home Loan Guide today to get started!

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Video Transcription:

Frank Tapia

Basically, the land loan program is mainly for veterans that are looking to get a good interest rate and looking to buy land, so I went and looked into it. The process was very, very short. We closed pretty soon.

I love the Marine Corps. I’m  a retired Marine, so I expect high standards of the people I deal with. It was just an awesome experience.

I was told about Vintage Oaks from a coworker of mine that lives here in the community. He invited me to look at the area, the clubhouse. My wife absolutely fell in love with it, the acre-lot that we have and the amenities.

We have grandchildren that love to come and use the pool. My wife and I use the trails. They have cookouts, they have parties. They get together and have wine nights where everybody will share a bottle of wine. It’s just a well-knit community here.

The great thing about it is it’s right between Austin and San Antonio. There are so many things to do here.

Texas—they take care of their veterans and I think that the VLB is another example. They care about you. They care about veterans. The VLB is the place to go.



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