3 Special Programs for Texas Veterans to Buy or Build Their First Home

Whether using a loan from a nonprofit or through a federal government-backed program, Texas veterans have plenty of options for financing the purchase a home. Through these loan products or organizations, veterans do not have to worry about paying a high-interest mortgage or becoming over their head in debt. 

The 2011 American Community Survey noted Texas is the state with the second highest veteran population, surpassed only by California. In 2011, Texas had more than 1.59 million veterans, accounting for 8.6 percent of the population 18 years old and above. 

With Texas's high population of veterans, servicemen and servicewomen should take advantage of the various special financing programs to get the home of their dreams.

Here are three ways for veterans to buy a home in Texas:

1. Qualify for VLB's Veterans Housing Assistance Program
The Texas Veterans Land Board has offered this program for decades and is specifically designed for state residents. The Veterans Housing Assistance Program gives veterans the chance to buy a home with a low fixed-rate loan.

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Home and Land Buying Efforts Supporting Texas Veterans

When veterans return after doing a tour of duty overseas or on another base across the country, they are relieved and comforted when they hear the words, "Welcome home. " For some veterans, that means their childhood home with mom and dad or an apartment with their spouse. Many veterans, however, dream of becoming homeowners.

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