Texas Housing Market and Jobs Sector are Some of the Healthiest in the Nation

Despite the mixed economic news being reported every day, the housing market remains one of the primary drivers of the slow-yet-steady economic recovery. Not only is residential real estate growing stronger every day on a national level, but Texas real estate, in particular, is perhaps the healthiest one in the country. On top of the continued strength in home sales and new home starts, the Texas jobs sector keeps putting up solid numbers as well. Combined, these two areas are making Texas a homebuilders' dream.

The health of the Texas housing market
WalletHub analyzed metro areas based on 10 key metrics, from the percentage of households receiving government help for their mortgages to the interest rate on first-time mortgage recipients. According to the survey, San Antonio, Austin and Houston all landed in the top ten for housing markets, with the three Texas metro areas taking home the third, sixth and 10th healthiest areas, respectively. Collectively, these three markets are boosting sales across the state and the south.

San Antonio boasts the third-healthiest housing market in the country.

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