The State of the Texas Housing Market

The housing market in Texas is facing a whirlwind of factors that are contributing to ensure the industry should be busy for a while. On one side, the available housing for inventory continues to remain below the optimal level. On the other hand, builder confidence recently hit a 10-year high. As these two trends continue to hold sway over the state's housing, homebuilders should find that the market for new homes will remain strong for the coming months and years.

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Why the High Demand for Texas Real Estate is Good for You

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The Texas Real Estate Market is More Than Ideal for 2015

There’s no better time to make a move to Texas. People are heading into the state by record numbers and this is effecting Texas real estate in a big way. Monthly, more out-of-state residents are choosing to make Texas their home over any other place in the United States; the state saw a gain of 584,000 people just during 2013. International buyers are close behind and added almost 11 billion dollars to the Texas economy in the same time period. Culture Map Dallas has insight as to why the state is becoming one of the most desirable places in the nation to live.  

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Texas Real Estate Market Soars in 2014



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It's a Great Time to Buy Texas Real Estate

There could not be a better time to consider buying a home in Texas. Many factors are in play that make choosing Texas real estate a smart decision. Ben Lane, a reporter for HousingWire, writes about what components make this state the right place for your home purchase.

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