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The Realtor-Developer Relationship

At SouthStar Communities’ Texas masterplans, the industry shift in the relationship between realtors and developers is paying dividends

Easy Interior Design Tips

For many new homeowners, the process to finding the perfect home takes some research. During this process, homeowners should also remember the interior of the home may need some personalizing and sprucing up. The steps to making your home more “you” can actually be the most fun!

Holiday Commission Special: Realtors Earn 7%

‘Tis the Season to be giving, and the holidays are just around the corner at SouthStar Communities! Now through December 31, 2012, realtors can earn even more commission on property sales! For any home site sale at our participating communities, realtors can earn an extra 1% commission – a total of 7%!

How to Calculate a Home's Square Footage

by Henry Savage

The Best Social Media Networks for Buying Land

As a real estate professional, it is extremely important to connect with potential clients and share your expertise with the public. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take advantage of the many free social media networks on the Internet. Get yourself noticed! Below are some of the top social media networks for real estate professionals:

Buying Land and Property Taxes

With tax season fast approaching, you might be curious to know what kinds of taxes are associated with buying land and building a home. In the U.S., local governments use revenue from property taxes to fund public services like schools, construction and law enforcement. Any piece of land that is not owned by the government is taxable.

LinkedIn Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Candy Evans' Real Estate Forecast for 2012

Google+ for Real Estate Professionals

Looking for a way to get connected and share news with both clients and real estate colleagues? Consider using Google+, a social networking platform that allows you to create a profile to share information and follow news stories and updates from profiles that you find relevant. The four main features, Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Pages, make Google+ an effective social media tool for Realtors®. See how you can use to these tools to network and learn more about real estate:

Planning a Family Mortgage

One of the newest trends in real estate is a family mortgage. These mortgages are home loans set up between family members, usually between parents or grandparents and children, with the goal of helping a relative purchase and own a home. According the National Association of Realtors, almost 10 percent of first-time buyers received loans from friends or family in 2010. These loans are becoming popular not only because of low interest rates, but also because of the security involved when it comes to borrowing from family. Before signing up for family mortgages though, both participants should consider three key factors: Whether or not a bank would lend to the family member, gift tax and interest rates.