Top 10 Things Affecting Real Estate in the Coming Year

The Counselors of Real Estate recently released their official CRE® 2015-2016 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate. This annual report delineates the anticipated trials and tribulations the real estate market will be facing in the coming years.

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Bryan-College Station Real Estate Market Expected to Best 2013 and 2014

As reports continue to filter in chronicling the extraordinary growth in the Texas real estate market, it's worth highlighting a region that is helping to bolster the state's growth: Bryan-College Station. According to the most recent census information, the area sustained a 19.9 percent growth rate between 2000 and 2013, adding roughly 50,000 residents during that time period. And this trend does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

This population boom is having a corollary effect of boosting home sales and the price of homes in the area. According to the Bryan-College Station Regional Association of Realtors database, this area is already on track to best 2014 and 2013 totals in terms of the number of units sold, the average days on the market and the price of homes.

The sustained population growth in Bryan-College Station is putting pressure on the region's housing supply.

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Where Former City Residents and Suburbanites in Texas Might Be Headed Next

With its high-impact economic growth and plenty of space to spread out, Texas has become a prime destination for people looking to move. Whether consumers are moving for a job or looking to settle down with their family, deciding between urban/suburban and rural spaces is a hot issue and a major factor in where new or long-time Texans choose to live. As home prices in cities rise, former city residents and suburbanites will head to rural areas that provide plenty of amenities for new homes in master planned communities.

Texas areas attracting new residents
​CNNMoney noted five Texas cities were ranked in the top 20 of all big metro areas in the U.S. for movers: Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Fort Worth. These cities benefit from growth in both population and employment rates, which could increase demand for housing in these metro areas. Between 1990 and 2005, the state's population jumped 35 percent. The surge in population growth could result in higher purchase prices for new homes because of greater demand.

Master planned communities located outside metro areas like Austin offer amenities that appeal to all residents.

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2015 Real Estate Trends That Matter

What Real Estate Trends Will We See in 2015?

The housing market has been in recovery mode for the past two years and it appears we can expect the same to continue but at a slightly slower pace. In addition, predictions show the market could swing in favor of the buyer based on a stabilization after the upturn in the years following the bursting of the housing bubble. Brandon Cornett of the Home Buying Institute recently examined the top real estate trends projected for 2015.

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2015 Texas Real Estate Outlook

Image Source: US News

As 2014 comes to an end and we are on the dawn of 2015, we put together a list of 7 Texas real estate trends for 2015 from the Huffington Post, US News, PWC, News 12 and PR Web.

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Texas Real Estate Market Soars in 2014



Image Source: Recenter

It's a Great Time to Buy Texas Real Estate

There could not be a better time to consider buying a home in Texas. Many factors are in play that make choosing Texas real estate a smart decision. Ben Lane, a reporter for HousingWire, writes about what components make this state the right place for your home purchase.

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