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Texas Real Estate Trend in 2014: Bigger, New Homes More in Demand

Texas homebuyers were more likely to buy new homes compared to the rest of the nation in 2014, showing strong demand for residential construction that could trend into 2015, according to the Texas Association of Realtors. 

The 2015 Texas Homebuyers and Sellers Report found 28 percent of homes purchased in the state during the 12-month period ending in July 2014 were new homes. Despite the slight drop in the percentage of new home purchases in Texas, the state still sold almost double the amount of new homes compared to all U.S. home sales in the same period. 

5 Features Retirees are Looking For From Their Master Planned Communities

Whether home buyers are in or nearing retirement, planning their next move is important to ensure they are ready for life after work. Rather than moving to a retirement home or a traditional urban neighborhood, retirees have a wide variety of options in master planned communities that welcome those in their golden years. With the influx of retirees choosing the Texas Hill Country as the location for their post-retirement home, master planned communities between San Antonio and Austin are capturing this audience as they resonate with the 5 features retirees are seeking:

1. Medical Care Nearby
As retirees search for homes, they will want to ensure they have easy access to the health care they need to maintain their well-being. About 84 percent of retirees want to have high-quality doctors and hospitals nearby when thinking about retirement, according to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, National Public Radio and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In addition to medical care, 77% of retirees view access to pharmacies or drug stores as important, the study stated.

How to financially prepare for your new home

One of the many financial advantages of building a custom home is that you build it to your specifications, financially and otherwise. Your custom home can be as grand as you want it to be, but custom homes can also be designed and built to be comparable cost-wise to already-built homes or new homes from a production builder. It all comes down to what’s right for you. To financially prepare for your custom home, you will want to take a few things into consideration.

How to choose the perfect homesite

When choosing a homesite on which to build your custom Texas dream home, there are many things to consider. Price and location are obvious. But there are a number of factors you should consider when choosing the perfect homesite. With some careful preparation and thoughtful research, you can end up with the Texas land you have always wanted.

What do all retirees have in common?

When it comes time to retire, everyone has a little something different they are looking for. Maybe it’s a desire to move closer to family. Perhaps it’s time to move to that scenic spot they’ve been dreaming about. What do all retirees have in common? It’s a desire to find a great environment where they can enjoy this new phase of life.

More great news for Texas today

More great news for Texas today as Toyota announced they are establishing their new North American Headquarters in the north Texas suburb of Plano, calling the move “the most significant change we’ve made to our North American operations in the past 50 years.”

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