Texas Honors its Veterans with Grants, Land Loans and More

As Veterans Day rapidly approaches, now's a great time to take a step back and look at how Texas does its best to help those citizens who chose to enter into the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. Texas is a place where military veterans receive significant respect and appreciation, as the residents of this great state know how to show these loyal members of the armed forces the gratitude they deserve for the sacrifices made for our country. From El Paso to Houston, there are numerous towns and communities across the state that have Veterans Day parades, festivals and services to honor those who have enlisted, according to the Texas Veterans Blog. In addition to these memorials, the state has also created a network of valuable resources, unique deals and special promotions that can benefit the brave men and women who are serving or have served in the military.

Veteran demographics in Texas
With 15 military bases and 19,326 residents of Texas who separated from the military in 2011, according to the Texas Workforce Investment Council, it's no surprise there's a big presence of veterans in the state. In fact, in the year 2011, Texas had 1,593,072 total veteran residents, the second-highest number of any state following only California. While this was good for second for total veterans, this only represented 8.5 percent of the state's population over the age of 18, because Texas is also a big state with a lot of people in it. After reaching 16.6 percent in 1980, the percentage has decreased dramatically in the ensuing years, due to a rise in the overall non-veteran population combined with a decrease in the number of veterans in general. 

Funds for flood victims
Storms hit Central Texas hard this past summer, leading to a deluge of rainwater flooding communities, towns and, ultimately, people's houses. Homeowners all across the central portion of the state had to deal with water, mud or sewer damage to veterans' homes.

"The TVLB program is offering veterans up to $25,000 for flood damage."

Thankfully, the Texas Veterans Land Board, in conjunction with local and county governments, as well as VFWs across the state, such as Post 7110 in New Braunfels, have worked together to establish a fund for veterans. This money can be used to repair and remodel homes impacted by the intense flooding over the summer, particularly over Memorial Day weekend. The TVLB program is offering veterans up to $25,000 if their home was damaged by the flood and is located in a federally designated disaster zone. While time is of the essence to quality for these loans, veterans do have until July 22, 2016, to apply for this financial assistance.

Veteran Land Loans
In addition to providing crucial funds aimed at helping families and homeowners fix the damage done after the torrential downpours, the Texas government has also established Land Loans for veterans. In an effort to reach out and provide benefits for these individuals, Texas not only ensures the men and women returning from their military service have access to jobs and other amenities, but the state also does what it can to help these individuals buy land and build a house.

"TVLB offers up to $125,000 for veterans and military members to buy land in Texas."

Many veterans are discharged from their service and have nowhere to go. Thankfully, the TVLB offers Land Loans of up to $125,000 for veterans and military members to buy land in Texas and build a home.

These Veterans Land Board Loans have a rich history in the state, going back to the days of the Republic, when the government offered a tract of land to veterans for their military service. The state carries on this tradition, but instead offers individuals the money to find a location in the state that suits the veterans needs.

Click to Download The Texas Veterans' Hill County Land & Home Buying Guide

This generous assistance helps veterans come home from their years of military service to a place they can finally call their own. By utilizing these funds, veterans can buy land in Texas to build a home where they can plant their roots. And with the way that The Lone Star State respects and honors its veterans, there's truly no better place to do this than in Texas.

For veterans interested in buying land in Texas to build a home, consider choosing a master planned community in the state. For more information on opportunities for veterans to buy land to build homes, and Operation Finally Home, contact SouthStar Communities.

Texas Veterans coming home

Veterans coming home to Texas have the option of applying for a Loan to purchase land in Texas and build a home.