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Summertime is the perfect time at a master planned community

Summertime brings out the best in outdoor activities and the possibility for fun and adventures. With new and exciting events all the time, there's plenty of fun to be had year-round, but the summertime provides the best opportunity to really take advantage of the fun master planned communities offer. With an emphasis on friends and family, these real estate developments create a sense of community unlike any other type of suburban or urban housing.

Whether you want to work on your tan, find a way to get outside and exercise or host a barbecue, master planned communities give residents a variety of options to enjoy the summertime.

Buying acreage and building a home in a master planned community like Vintage Oaks in New Braunfels, offers access to all types of water works, including a lazy river, Olympic-sized pools and kiddie pools. With so many different types of recreational water amenities, residents can keep cool throughout the hot summer months without having to worry about the cost and time needed for regular pool maintenance.

Walking trails
The summertime affords individuals the opportunity to enjoy the weather and get outdoors as much as possible. Master planned communities provide ample areas to go on scenic walks along nature-lined trails without having to stray far from home. Whether you prefer to take in sunset strolls or early-morning nature sightings, these communities can accommodate all your wildlife interests.

While it's always fun to get out in your backyard and grill up some tasty meals, master planned communities like Vintage Oaks provide a Clubhouse with a well-stocked outdoor kitchen for picnics of all sizes. These outdoor kitchens offer the opportunity to mingle with your neighbors and really solidify the neighborly bonds that make up the best communities. 

Summer concerts
Master planned communities like Vintage Oaks in New Braunfels, Texas, provide residents and their friends and families the opportunity to come out and enjoy amazing live music underneath the beautiful summer skies. With live music, dancing, great food and amazing company, these summer concerts are not to be missed.

Be sure and join us for the next community concert at Vintage Oaks on September 15th with Deryl Dodd! RSVP for the concert here.


Many master planned communities offer ample lakes and rivers to fish.

Perhaps one of the most calming and relaxing activities to do during the summertime is fishing. Master planned communities like King Oaks in Bryan-College Station, Texas, provide stocked fishing holes with pavilions that make the perfect place for hauling in the big catch. If fishing isn't your cup of tea, these lakes and reservoirs make a great spot for hopping on a boat and enjoying the calm tranquility of the water.

Green spaces
Master planned communities in Texas have acres upon acres of open green spaces for residents to use for sporting activities, family gatherings and other types of outdoor activities. Many master planned communities are built near or with their own golf courses, with challenging fairways. 

For people interested in purchasing land in a master planned community to build a home, visit SouthStar Communities for a full list of communities across Texas.


With pavilions that have outdoor kitchens, communal barbecues are a common sight in many master planned communities.