San Antonio Tops Housing Markets, Austin and Houston Follow Close Behind


Image Source: Zameen

Leading into the New Year Three Texas Cities Rank High in Housing Markets

In a recent Home Buying Institute article, Brandon Cornett looks at how the Texas housing market ranks against other markets. According to the latest MiMi numbers, San Antonio, Texas was the most stable housing market in the United States and Austin and Houston were also in the top 5.

MiMI, the Multi-Indicator Market Index® which determine stable housing numbers, measures housing stability at the city, metro and national level.

In San Antonio, the stable housing market is having a major effect on housing supply and pricing. People are lining up to buy houses across the greater San Antonio area.

San Antonio is also outperforming the national average in housing. Below is a chart showing how the city was measured in four primary index categories:

MiMi San Antonio

MiMi comparison of San Antonio and national trends. Source: Freddie Mac. Enlarge

Fundamentals in the markets are driving home prices up in Houston as well. Houston had the second-highest annual increase in its median list price. The median price rose 27.1%in the last year.

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