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New Braunfels: City on the Rise


New Braunfels and the greater Comal County area are two of the brightest spots in Texas for individuals looking to purchase land to build a house in a master planned community. This city and the surrounding area have become prime relocation spots for people of all ages looking to settle down in a great community surrounded by wonderful neighbors. There are many reasons to choose New Braunfels or Comal County when making a decision on buying a house. 

Steady growth
When a city or town is experiencing steady population growth, it speaks to the dynamic innovation of their housing market, in addition to opportunities for employment and top-notch schools. Currently, the city of New Braunfels is home to approximately 50,480 people, with long-term residents composing 29 percent of the population. The steady residency rates indicate a great many people want to move here and stay to plant their roots. This helps increase the sense of community in the area, leading to stronger social bonds and a greater sense of security.

According to My San Antonio, not only is the San Antonio-New Braunfels the fifth-fastest-growing metropolitan region in the nation, the area is in the middle of experiencing a 7.1 percent population increase. Much of this growth is boosted by New Braunfels' expansion, as the 23rd-fastest-growing city in the U.S. Experts anticipate the population will continue swelling as more and more families and individuals discover the benefits and advantages of buying land in Texas to build a house.

The median age for residents of New Braunfels is 35 years old, reported, which is two years younger than the national average, but two years more than the average Texan, placing the area in a sweet spot as not too old, yet not overly young. Indeed, the New Braunfels region has something to offer people of all ages, including the following.

Great amenities
With the rising popularity in this area, it brings with it other great amenities. Families and individuals young and old alike can take advantage of the dynamic aspects of the growing community, such as low unemployment rates, high retail sales and excellent school systems.

As more people relocate to this area, it brings with it exciting opportunities for jobs at expanding companies. In 2014 alone, New Braunfels added 1,946 jobs. While the national unemployment rate is currently hovering around the mid-5 percent range, noted that New Braunfels is enjoying a 3.4 percent unemployment rate, with jobs increasing 2.21 percent year over year.

This rise in employment rates brings along with it other features, such as a strong retail market, as Comal County took home second-place honors for annual retail sales growth in 2011. These solid sales are bolstered by consumer spending that ranks higher than the national average.

Not only are the job opportunities and sales strong and rising, the school districts serving this area are growing and well-suited to handle the population influx, with almost 8,300 students enrolled in two independent school districts, according to the New Braunfels Independent School District. 

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