Moving to Suburban Texas Real Estate

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It’s a good idea to take into consideration your family’s lifestyle before your next move. Factors like Texas real estate taxes, property size, property value, schools and space can help you decide if living in the suburbs is right for you. We have compiled a list of highlights for buying Texas real estate and living in the suburbs from and

If you love peace and quiet and are looking to escape from the stress of work and city life, the suburban lifestyle is a good choice for you. The suburbs often offer more room for your home, more green spaces and more opportunities to become friends with neighbors. A home in the suburbs will also cost you less than a home of comparable size in the city and are often larger with more amenities.

One of the biggest arguments for living in the suburbs is the cost. If you are looking for a large family home, then you can find a better value in the suburbs. You will usually find more square footage and a larger yard for your money. Additionally, suburban homes come with amenities, such as a garage or pool, that are hard to find in city homes. While you get the benefit of space, suburbs are usually still close enough to commute to the city. Since cities usually provide an array of jobs, this proximity to income opportunities can give the suburban Texas real estate an edge over rural areas.

Many suburbs were developed from previously rural or wooded areas so your property may have trees and wildlife. Whether you are looking for local parks or close-knit neighborhoods, residents of the suburbs often enjoy fresh air, natural scenery and a strong sense of community.

Your personal health and safety might be compromised in the city. City areas often have higher crime rates and pollution from an increase in traffic. If you have children or plan on having children, there are fewer opportunities in the city for them to play outside than in the suburbs. People often move to suburbia to raise children, escape the hustle and improve life and safety for their families.

Suburban areas typically have better education than urban or rural districts. If you have or plan to have children, it is a good idea to consider the education system before buying Texas real estate. Even if you do not plan to have kids, knowing the state of the school district can be helpful come resale time. However, in many suburbs you will pay higher property taxes for those better-quality schools.

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