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Master Planned Communities Provide Options for Active Adults and Retirees Looking to Stay Fit

A growing trend in the lifestyles of retirees is staying fit. As people age, muscle and bone mass deteriorate and can lead to medical disorders like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. However, study after study continues to indicate the benefits of remaining active throughout the later years of life. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted exercising is one of the most important things retirees can do stay healthy. This can lower blood pressure levels, combat arthritis and provide general holistic well-being. By maintaining an active lifestyle, retirees can stay healthy longer and prevent many of the debilitating aspects associated with aging.


Retirees can take advantage of the parks and trails in master planned communities.

Master planned communities offer many great options for retirees looking to stay healthy and engaged throughout their golden years. These communities encourage residents to partake in activities that strengthen the body and increase endurance, while incorporating aspects of injury prevention, thereby creating a wholesome lifestyle.

The CDC recommended that people over the age of 65 get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. Having to fill up two hours' worth of fitness activities can become mundane and tedious. However, master planned communities offer a wide variety of options for residents. These communities have safer areas for people to take advantage of outdoor activities like walking and jogging. These activities keep the muscles and joints functioning, reducing the chances of atrophy. The built-in infrastructures in these neighborhoods have wide sidewalks for joggers and miles of roads for bicyclists. Other amenities such as pristine parks provide ample grassy fields to practice yoga or meditation, activities that reduce stress and keep the body spry.

In addition to having the available amenities at hand to exercise outside, master planned communities gather together an entire group of similar residents. This body of people provides inspiration and encouragement for each other, especially for those people who might not have exercised in a while or who might feel self-conscious about taking their fitness regimen outdoors. Having a regular exercise group composed of people from the neighborhood helps residents stay engaged and focused on the task. Not only does a neighborhood group assist in providing encouragement for maintaining a regular exercise routine, it also provides a support group of friends. Having a social network of same-aged individuals helps keep minds healthy.

With all the green space available in master planned communities, active adults and retirees have room to start a garden. According to CNN, gardening is not only a source of fresh food, it also eases stress, keeps the body limber and improves a person's mood. Staying on track with a healthy diet is essential for maintaining an active lifestyle, and having a source of fresh food from a garden gives retirees an opportunity to supplement their meals with nutritious options. In addition, easing stress and keeping the body limber are essential to maintaining an active lifestyle.

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Master planned communities can provide outdoor amenities for retirees looking to stay fit.