Home and Land Buying Efforts Supporting Texas Veterans

When veterans return after doing a tour of duty overseas or on another base across the country, they are relieved and comforted when they hear the words, "Welcome home. " For some veterans, that means their childhood home with mom and dad or an apartment with their spouse. Many veterans, however, dream of becoming homeowners.

While they have homeownership in mind, these veterans may not have the funds to purchase a home right away. This is where veteran initiatives designed to help servicemen and servicewomen step in and help them obtain a new, permanent home they deserve.

Programs like Operation Finally Home strive to provide mortgage-free homes for injured or ill veterans and their widows. The nonprofit launched in 2005 to build veterans homes that are customized to their specifications, according to the Operation Finally Home website. 

In its home base of Texas, SouthStar Communities is actively involved in supporting veterans by partnering with Operation Finally Home and other organizations dedicated to sheltering these service members after they return. With almost 1.7 million veterans calling Texas home as of September 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, their surrounding communities could help make a difference in their families' lives by giving them the land to build custom homes.

"Severely wounded and disabled service members often return home to confront extreme hardships, from physical and emotional disabilities to financial ruin, joblessness and homelessness," the nonprofit's website stated. "Dismayed by their plight, the founders of Operation Finally Home decided to make a difference."


Land buying efforts to support veterans are gaining support to provide homes for servicemen and women.

How SouthStar Supports Operational Finally Home and Veterans
The effort to acquire land and construct these homes for the nation's veterans cannot be done alone, however. Organizations like Operation Finally Home are constantly looking for partners to promote their mission.

Recognizing the growing need for homes for veterans, SouthStar has cooperated with Operational Finally Home and other providers of veteran homes and connected them with land development and master planned community resources. Through November 2014, SouthStar had partnered with Operation Finally Home on 10 homes for wounded veterans and their families across the state of Texas.

Government-backed Programs for Texas Veterans
In addition to nonprofits, veterans also benefit from loans provided by state-backed programs, such as a Texas veterans land loan, to develop land and new homes. In each of the past two years, SouthStar has been named one of the two biggest producers of land loans for veterans through the Texas Veteran Land Board. Low-interest, long-term land loans are key to helping veterans set up their roots. SouthStar represented $2.9 million in VLB loan financing in 2013 with its 39 homesite sales in master planned communities like Vintage Oaks in New Braunfels – the same city as Operation Finally Home’s corporate office. Exurban areas like Vintage Oaks are popular among veterans, as the 3,300-acre area was named the fastest growing community for VLB loans in the state.

Veterans will likely enjoy the family-friendly living environment of master planned communities complete with plenty of amenities like parks and trails. Vintage Oaks location for the newest amenity in this beautiful master planned community, the new Timber Ridge Park and Veteran’s Walk, opening May 19.

As another housing programs specifically made for those who served, Texas veterans could qualify for the Veterans Housing Assistance program. With the opportunity to live in a new single-family home, veterans could choose idyllic communities offered by SouthStar. 

For more information on the requirements for applying for a home with Operational Finally Home, visit the organization’s website.


Operation Finally Home and other initiatives aim to build custom houses for veterans.