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Bryan-College Station a top spot for relocating

People from all over the country are flocking to Texas, and a great many of them are settling in Brazos County in particular. With strong employment numbers, a variety of phenomenal cultural amenities and great master planned communities for building their dream homes, it's no surprise why individuals and families are packing up their bags and moving to one of The Lone Star State fastest-growing metro regions.

New residents relocating in droves
The Lone Star State ranked second overall for out-of-state movers, following only Florida. According to the 2015 Texas Relocation Report, 538,572 people loaded up the moving van and relocated to the state in 2014. On the other side of the equation, 435,107 Texans moved out of the state, ranking third nationally for out-of-state emigrants, behind California and Florida. After subtracting outflow from inflow, the state had a net gain of 103,465 new residents.


Out-of-state residents are moving to Texas, and Bryan-College Station, in droves.

California sent over the most new residents at 63,591, while 40,930 Floridians moved in and 25,096 people from Oklahoma relocated to the state. Much like for people relocating into Texas, the states that received the most Texans were also California, Florida and Oklahoma, in that order.

BCS a favorite destination
One of the counties with the largest increase of out-of-county residents was in the Bryan-College Station area in Brazos County, which saw approximately 21,505 people moving in, ranking 10th in inflow of new residents.

While Brazos County experienced the 10th largest gain in total new out-of-county residents, the county also saw quite a few people moving out of the area, with 13,373 people leaving the county - good enough to place 13th in the state. Despite the losses, the county posted large net gains in new residents, coming in third among the state's counties for net inflow of people, with 8,132 total new residents resettling in the area.

Since Texas has a housing inventory of 3.7 months on the market, well below the optimal rate of 6.5 months of availability, the more than 8,000 new residents moving into the area should consider land for sale in a master planned community. Going this route allows these newly minted Texans to truly start fresh by building their dream house.

"At 4.1 percent, Bryan-College Station has an unemployment rate well below the 5.1 percent national average."

Solid jobs market
It's not hard to see why people are moving to Aggieland either. The Bryan-College Station area has a strong labor force, with employment numbers well below the national average and new hiring abounding in the area. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, BCS had a 4.1 percent unemployment rate in August 2015, while the rest of the country was higher at 5.1 percent. This means it's an employee's market since businesses are struggling to find new workers.

In addition, ADP released its most recent Regional Employment Report, which showed that Texas in general had solid jobs gains in both professional and business services as well as the trade, transportation and utilities industry, with the former adding 4,500 new jobs and the latter adding 4,000 more workers. Meanwhile, the service sector also added a strong 18,700 new employees.

The benefits of Brazos County
With so many new residents moving to the state, they must be in on a secret. But really, it's no secret that Brazos County and Bryan-College Station have some of the best land for sale in Texas for building the home of your dreams. The Brazos River and rolling countryside offer a peaceful tranquility and BCS provides you with all the cultural amenities of a big city, all while wrapped in a small-town vibe. In addition the region is one of the best destinations for college graduates according to The Daily Beast, Bryan-College Station has everything a new resident needs and more.

At King Oaks, a master planned community located just a few short miles outside of College Station, Texas, residents have access to all the best aspects of the area and more. King Oaks residents can enjoy a 60-acre nature preserve, miles of walking trails, and a stocked fishing pond with docks. In addition, King Oaks boasts year-round events and gatherings, such as community potlucks, holiday parties, concerts and more. For more information on the King Oaks master planned community in Bryan-College Station, contact SouthStar Communities.

Brazos County Texas

Brazos County, Texas, has been attracting people from all over the country.