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Good News: The Austin Housing Market is Thriving!

Throughout the past year, the Austin housing market has encountered positive action from homebuyers. An article by Metrostudy confirms that the Austin housing market is indeed booming. Why is the market doing so well? A variety of factors including the state of homebuilding and the demand for new homes have contributed to the success of the market.

A08967_15_Jimmy_Jacobs_Rim_Rock_3268_Rainey_C_Scheme_05_01Studies Show An Increase In Home-Building

Austin has seen an increase in new homes over the past year. As the Metrostudy article recently stated, “Austin builders started 9,716 new homes in the last twelve months, representing a 7% increase year-over-year.“ Homebuilding in Austin, TX is more active than ever.

Lots Are Still Filling Up

Not only has homebuilding increased- the new lots aren’t sitting empty, “over the last four quarters, builders have closed 9,203 new homes, a 14% increase over the prior four quarters,” Metrostudy says. This can only mean one thing- more people than ever before are interested in owning homes in Austin, TX. 

Why is the Austin housing market so active? Due to Austin’s healthy job market, Metrostudy says that houses listed at $500,000 and above are some of the most popular among homebuyers, evidence of Austin’s thriving economy and employment rate.

It comes as no surprise to current homeowners that Austin is a stable and quality place to live. Still, the Metrostudy statistics represent a positive outlook for the future of the Austin housing market. There is no better time to buy than now.

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