Bryan-College Station a top spot for relocating

People from all over the country are flocking to Texas, and a great many of them are settling in Brazos County in particular. With strong employment numbers, a variety of phenomenal cultural amenities and great master planned communities for building their dream homes, it's no surprise why individuals and families are packing up their bags and moving to one of The Lone Star State fastest-growing metro regions.

New residents relocating in droves
The Lone Star State ranked second overall for out-of-state movers, following only Florida. According to the 2015 Texas Relocation Report, 538,572 people loaded up the moving van and relocated to the state in 2014. On the other side of the equation, 435,107 Texans moved out of the state, ranking third nationally for out-of-state emigrants, behind California and Florida. After subtracting outflow from inflow, the state had a net gain of 103,465 new residents.


Out-of-state residents are moving to Texas, and Bryan-College Station, in droves.

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4 Ways homebuilders can cater to the baby boomer demographic

One of the hottest growing segments of the housing market is the baby boomer generation. Many of these individuals are retiring from their decades-long tour in the workforce and are looking to move to greener pastures to enjoy the relaxation promised in their retirement years.

Not only is this one of the hottest segments, but homebuilders are increasingly confident in this market for the prospect of building new homes. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, the confidence level for builders constructing single-family houses aimed at those aged 55 and older continues to stay in positive territory at a reading of 57 for the second quarter 2015. This represents the fifth quarter in a row the reading has registered above 50.

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Growing Home Prices in Texas Reflect Strong Demand

Despite the recent downturn in the energy industry and the subsequent slowdown in employment growth in some areas of the state, Texas' housing market is as vibrant and booming as ever. Home prices continue to rise in the state, with price increases almost double the national average, The Dallas Morning News reported.

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New Braunfels retains solid employment numbers

New Braunfels continues to shine in the Lone Star State. The region is experiencing an employment boom right now. In addition to solid employment numbers, companies in the area on are also benefiting from new and improved Internet services. With so many factors working in New Braunfels' favor, there are plenty of reasons for residents to earn a good living and for businesses to expand operations. 

Stellar employment rates
In several economic categories, New Braunfels consistently ranks near the top for cities across Texas. The region has an unemployment rate much lower than the rest of the state and the national average. Although the national unemployment rate sits at 5.1 percent, and Texas has a 4.4 percent rate as of August, only 3.7 percent of the area’s residents are currently unemployed, according to the Monthly Review of the Texas Economy by the Real Estate Center of Texas A&M University. This is the sixth-best unemployment rate in the state.

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Texas Honors its Veterans with Grants, Land Loans and More

As Veterans Day rapidly approaches, now's a great time to take a step back and look at how Texas does its best to help those citizens who chose to enter into the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. Texas is a place where military veterans receive significant respect and appreciation, as the residents of this great state know how to show these loyal members of the armed forces the gratitude they deserve for the sacrifices made for our country. From El Paso to Houston, there are numerous towns and communities across the state that have Veterans Day parades, festivals and services to honor those who have enlisted, according to the Texas Veterans Blog. In addition to these memorials, the state has also created a network of valuable resources, unique deals and special promotions that can benefit the brave men and women who are serving or have served in the military.

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Builders Confident in the 55+ Housing Market

One of the most important demographics for homebuilders to market toward is the retiree. This segment of the population, mostly consisting of the baby boomer generation, is currently in the throes of a retirement surge.

Many of these individuals are leaving long-time jobs while others will be empty nesters for the first time. Now that they are afforded more time on their hands due to a lack of job or familial obligations, these retirees are packing up and moving to warmer climates, such as the Texas Hill Country. For a majority of these individuals, the so-called "Freedom Threshold" for when they feel they finally have the opportunity to live wherever they want is 61 years old, according to a recent Merrill Lynch Retirement Study.

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Homebuilder Confidence Soars in Current Housing Market

The National Association of Home​ Builders recently released its latest Housing Market Index, which measures builder confidence in the new housing market based on a survey the association has honed over the past 30 years. The August report showed an increase of one point from July's reading to hit 61. This indicates homebuilders' confidence reached a level not seen since November 2006, well before the recession. 

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