Housing Market Experiencing a Mini-Boomlet

As the economy continues digging out of its first-quarter doldrums, one of the driving factors for sustained growth throughout the rest of the year is the real estate market. Following a first quarter that saw the economy contract 0.2 percent, many analysts are predicting a 2.5 percent expansion during the second quarter, with a strong 3.0 percent showing in the final two quarters of 2015, MarketWatch reported.

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Optimizing Homebuilders' Supply Chains

Ever since the housing market bubble burst and the financial crisis of 2008 rippled through the economy, builders need to view their supply chain more carefully. As the good times came grinding to a sudden halt, it forced the industry to better manage costs in a time of historically low housing demand. During this time period following the bust, the driving factor was cutting costs wherever possible in residential real estate development.

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Top 10 Things Affecting Real Estate in the Coming Year

The Counselors of Real Estate recently released their official CRE® 2015-2016 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate. This annual report delineates the anticipated trials and tribulations the real estate market will be facing in the coming years.

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4 Unique Features to Include When Building a New Home

Buying a plot of land and building your own home can truly be a rewarding experience. By hiring your own architect to be in charge of the property development, you not only have the option to build something to your own specifications, but you also have the possibility to create a structure that's truly unique. Although some municipalities and homeowners associations have certain limits on what you can and cannot build, there still is an endless variety of design features and additions you can include to truly make your home yours.

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Bryan-College Station Real Estate Market Expected to Best 2013 and 2014

As reports continue to filter in chronicling the extraordinary growth in the Texas real estate market, it's worth highlighting a region that is helping to bolster the state's growth: Bryan-College Station. According to the most recent census information, the area sustained a 19.9 percent growth rate between 2000 and 2013, adding roughly 50,000 residents during that time period. And this trend does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

This population boom is having a corollary effect of boosting home sales and the price of homes in the area. According to the Bryan-College Station Regional Association of Realtors database, this area is already on track to best 2014 and 2013 totals in terms of the number of units sold, the average days on the market and the price of homes.

The sustained population growth in Bryan-College Station is putting pressure on the region's housing supply.

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Solar energy in Texas is surging ahead

Texas is surging ahead with solar energy, as the state's percentage of newly installed solar capacity coming online hit record levels, according to Solar Energy Industries Association. During the first quarter of 2015, the state recorded 49 megawatts of brand new capacity. The state only trails five states - California, Nevada, New York, North Carolina and Massachusetts - in new capacity. If Texas real estate developers continue to install solar panels at this rate, it will mark a historic year for renewable energy in the state.

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With The U.S. Housing Market Reaching New Heights, Texas Leads The Pack

The U.S. housing market has been on a roll lately as it continues to bolster the overall economy during the slow but steady recovery.

Metrostudy, a residential real estate research company, recently released its second quarter 2015 Home Building Outlook, which found 1.07 million new houses are expected to break ground this year. Single-family housing starts should account for 691,000 of this total, while multi-family home starts will rise to 379,000.

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Summertime is the perfect time at a master planned community

Summertime brings out the best in outdoor activities and the possibility for fun and adventures. With new and exciting events all the time, there's plenty of fun to be had year-round, but the summertime provides the best opportunity to really take advantage of the fun master planned communities offer. With an emphasis on friends and family, these real estate developments create a sense of community unlike any other type of suburban or urban housing.

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