King Oaks Fireman’s Fund Raises $2,500 for Iola Volunteer Fire Department

(January 29, 2014—IOLA, TX)  SouthStar Communities announced its King Oaks community has raised $2,575 through the King Oaks Fireman’s Fund.  A check was presented by King Oaks residents this week to the Iola Volunteer Fire Department.

“We’re pleased to organize this fund and work with our residents to support the Iola Fire Department,” said Thad Rutherford, Chief Operating Officer of SouthStar Communities.  “While our close proximity to College Station has always appealed to our homeowners, we are proud members of the Iola community as well.  Our residents and area neighbors are at the core what makes King Oaks such a special place to live.”

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Why the High Demand for Texas Real Estate is Good for You

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The Texas Real Estate Market is More Than Ideal for 2015

There’s no better time to make a move to Texas. People are heading into the state by record numbers and this is effecting Texas real estate in a big way. Monthly, more out-of-state residents are choosing to make Texas their home over any other place in the United States; the state saw a gain of 584,000 people just during 2013. International buyers are close behind and added almost 11 billion dollars to the Texas economy in the same time period. Culture Map Dallas has insight as to why the state is becoming one of the most desirable places in the nation to live.  

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Cooling Prices Make 2015 a Hot Time for Buying a Home

Cooling Prices Make Buying a Home a Hot Idea

A tight real estate market in 2014 kept many prospective homeowners out in the cold, but options for buying a home are heating up this year. A new Fox Business article gives credit to increased inventory for this upturn, as well as other positive reasons more people will be entering the market.

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2015 Real Estate Trends That Matter

What Real Estate Trends Will We See in 2015?

The housing market has been in recovery mode for the past two years and it appears we can expect the same to continue but at a slightly slower pace. In addition, predictions show the market could swing in favor of the buyer based on a stabilization after the upturn in the years following the bursting of the housing bubble. Brandon Cornett of the Home Buying Institute recently examined the top real estate trends projected for 2015.

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Moving to Suburban Texas Real Estate

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It’s a good idea to take into consideration your family’s lifestyle before your next move. Factors like Texas real estate taxes, property size, property value, schools and space can help you decide if living in the suburbs is right for you. We have compiled a list of highlights for buying Texas real estate and living in the suburbs from and .
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