Good News: The Austin Housing Market is Thriving!

Throughout the past year, the Austin housing market has encountered positive action from homebuyers. An article by Metrostudy confirms that the Austin housing market is indeed booming. Why is the market doing so well? A variety of factors including the state of homebuilding and the demand for new homes have contributed to the success of the market.

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U.S. New Home Starts Up 6.3% in September

Building Permits, Bellwether of Future Construction, Increase 1.5%

September New Home Starts Report as printed in teh Wall Street Journal

U.S. home building rebounded in September on the strength of apartment construction, a category that provides less of an economic boost than single-family homes.

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Why Everybody Is Moving To Texas

More Americans moved to Texas in recent years than any other state: A net gain of more than 387,000 in the latest Census for 2013. And Austin was the fastest growing major city.

Jobs is the No. 1 reason for population moves, with affordable housing a close second.

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A Million Homes: It's a Good Start

Home Construction and Remodeling Contribute Nearly 5% to GDP

Housing-starts data for September are due out Friday.  ASSOCIATED PRESS

Notwithstanding Dr. Evil’s failure to appreciate inflation, the number one million still has the power to impress. Take the housing market where the average estimate of the 27 economists polled by The Wall Street Journal for September housing starts, due Friday, is exactly that much.

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