End of Tax Credit? Not the End of the Homebuying World.

There is little doubt that the federal homebuyer tax credit, which expires today after two years, has had an impact on the real estate market. Estimates from The National Association of Realtors are that two million Americans qualified for the credit in 2009, and 900,000 in just four months this year. It also approximates that 1.5 million people will take advantage of the $6,500 repeat buyer tax credit in 2010. The Census Bureau reported that home sales rose 27% last month, as buyers sought to get in under the wire and claim their credit.

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Earth Day 40th Anniversary Spotlights Green Practices

Did you know it was a 25-year-old Harvard law student whose fervency about the state of the environment led to the organization of the first Earth Day in 1970? Approximately 20 million people were reported to have taken part in Earth Day-related events on April 22, 1970. Today, it is estimated that one billion people in 191 countries will participate in some form of Earth day event in cities worldwide.

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