Top 10 Real Estate Blog Posts of 2009

Here we are, right at the end of 2009, and in retrospect, a lot has happened in the real estate industry this year. But there has also been a lot that has not happened this year. Weren't we expecting the economy and the real estate industry to start turning around this year? I took a look back at the entire year's blog posts and articles and came up with a list of the best real estate blog posts of 2009.

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Understanding the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program

Because the US has been having trouble in the housing and real estate markets, the United States Government has taken steps to make homes more affordable. For instance, we recently talked about how the US Government has given home buyers tax credits and their extension of that successful program. They've also taken steps to help lower payments for distressed homeowners: those who are having trouble paying their mortgage. This program is known as the Home Affordable Modification Program, known as HAMP.

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