$8000 Tax Credit Extension for Home Buyers Coming

According to reports, it looks like there may be an $8,000 tax credit extension for home buyers. Several of the top Democrat and Republican United States Senators are voicing their opinions about the $8000 Tax Credit Extension for home buyers, and it looks like it may pass with approval.

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How to Sell Your Timeshare in This Economy

Recently, in the New York Times, selling a timeshare during the recession was discussed. It is "absolutely the worst time to sell," said Brian Rogers, owner of the Timeshare Users Group. "A few years ago you got 50 cents on the dollar. Now you're lucky if you get 10 cents on the dollar." So what is someone to do if you are need to sell your timeshare or get out of your timeshare? Here are nine tips about selling your timeshare in this economy, which some are calling a recession.

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