4 Ways to Decrease Your Energy Bill This Winter

energy efficient home
Image Source: BDT Energy Group

As temperatures drop, your energy bills start to climb. Here is a list from Trulia for an energy efficient home that will help lower your energy bill this winter.

Get Rid of Drafts

If you keep the heat from leaking out of your house, your heating system won’t have to work as hard. Take care of drafty windows and doors you have been avoiding. For a quick fix, try weatherstripping, spray-foam insulation, plastic window film and heavy curtains. For a more permanent fix, upgrade to high performance windows and doors. Upgrading doors and windows will also increase the value of your home.

Keep Your House in Check

Install a Wi-Fi-connected programmable thermostat that will create an energy efficient home so you don’t have to. Some states offer hefty rebates. You will be able to dial down the heat from your smartphone even if you are far away.

Lower the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees. This will still be warm enough for washing dishes and showers, but also save you money on your utility bill.

Although purchasing energy efficient home appliances can be expensive, consider purchasing them an investment. They will lower your energy bills saving you money over time. The holiday season is a great time to score deals on appliances. Plus, they are an upgrade you can show off during your holiday parties and make cooking Christmas dinner more fun.

Add an energy monitor to your Christmas list. An energy monitor will help cut pack on long showers, machine-drying, lights and heat.

Use LED Lights

Do you plan on decking the halls with lights this season? Consider switching to energy-efficient LED lights. Benefits of LED lights include brighter, longer lasting and emit minimal heat. For even more savings, put the sun to work with solar-powered Christmas LED lights. While LED lights can cost three to five times more upfront, they will lower your energy bills and last far longer than incandescent bulbs.

Get Tax Credits

Check for the latest updates on getting tax credits from the city, state and federal government for the purchase and installation of renewable energy systems, geothermal heat pumps, fuel cells and solar water heaters. Tax credits can add up to significant savings on your next tax filing.

At SouthStar Communities, we work with homebuilders that value energy efficiency to provide money saving options for you and your family.

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