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4 Unique Features to Include When Building a New Home

Buying a plot of land and building your own home can truly be a rewarding experience. By hiring your own architect to be in charge of the property development, you not only have the option to build something to your own specifications, but you also have the possibility to create a structure that's truly unique. Although some municipalities and homeowners associations have certain limits on what you can and cannot build, there still is an endless variety of design features and additions you can include to truly make your home yours.

After you've purchased your new plot of land and prepare to build your home, you should always keep certain factors at the forefront, such as energy efficiency and your cost constraints. However, beyond these economic aspects, there are other unique features you can add that, although they might cost a bit, can potentially boost the resale value of the home in the event that you end up selling it. While you're certainly building the house for the here and now so you have a place to call your own, you shouldn't overlook the fact that you might be selling the home sometime in the future, which means you should take the future buyer into consideration as well.

Here are four features you can add to your home to make it a one-of-a-kind house:

1. Central vacuum system
A central vacuum system can make your life infinitely easier. Also known as a built-in or ducted system, these are built directly into the home as a semi-permanent fixture, with a power unit and a collection container placed in the basement or garage. You will need to build the tube infrastructure inside the walls, and then place as many inlets as you need around the rest of the house. These are highly convenient, since you'll no longer need to lug a vacuum cleaner from room to room and worry about the cord tripping you up. But best of all, these can add significant value to the house while also making your cleaning ritual much more hassle free. In addition, according to Home Advisor, a central vacuum system is great for people who have allergies, respiratory problems or asthma, since all the dust and dirt particulates get sucked up without the vacuum merely blowing them around.


When building your own home, consider adding a gas line for your outdoor grill.

2. Gas line to the grill
Although some people are charcoal grillers to their core and would never consider grilling with gas, many people enjoy the ease a gas grill provides. However, it can be a headache for some to go out for a propane tank refill when they'd rather be grilling. Instead of having to go to the store for more gas, consider installing a gas line that runs directly to the grill. This works great if you plan on building a brick or stone grotto for the grill.

3. Pet comforts
While pets aren't for everyone, they're certainly for most people. Whether it's a new puppy or an old cat, homeowners love their pets and many consider them part of the family. As you get ready to build your new home, consider adding features for your pets. While a pet door that allows your dog or cat to enter or exit at their convenience is always a plus, some people worry about these doors providing access to pesky raccoons or other vermin. However, you can install animal-friendly doors that stay shut and only open when activated by a magnet in the pet's collar, HowStuffWorks noted. These act like regular pet doors, but stay firmly sealed shut until the pet's collar sets them off. There are other features you can add as well, such as an invisible fence to keep dogs in the yard.

4. Hidden room
Who hasn't ever wanted to lift a book from the bookshelf to suddenly reveal a hidden room? While not every hidden room needs such an elaborate switch to open it, installing one of these rooms adds another layer of security to the house. Whether you use it as a panic room or merely as a secure vault, a hidden room can truly increase the security of a home.

There are plenty of unique features homeowners can have installed when building their house. Get started today with building your dream home in one of SouthStar's masterplanned communities.