Striking the Right Balance When Designing a Custom Home


Avocado green, the color of the 1970s kitchen Avocado green, the color of the 1970s kitchen


Designing a custom home is the dream of many people. When it becomes your reality, it’s easy to go overboard with personal design choices. Experts recommend that with custom homes, just as with any newly built home, you aim to strike a balance between personal taste and popular choices, current trends and classics.

Of course, if you’ve been waiting for years to buy a piece of Texas land build a fishing lodge-themed home in a master-planned community near Bryan-College Station near Texas A&M, who’s to stop you? A real estate professional would caution you against going too personal (or too bold or too trendy, for that matter), for fear of limiting your options for resale should you ever choose to put your Texas custom home on the market. But, ultimately, the choice is yours. That’s the power of a custom home.

Getting the Balance Right

If you are looking to strike that balance in your Texas custom home, a professional builder and designer can help with key decisions about floorplan, function, and finishes.

When designing your floorplan, you’ll want to keep in mind the main function of your custom home, your age and the ages of those in your family, how your family lives, and trends encompassing lifestyle choices and current economic conditions. If you have young children, considering bedroom placement is important. Likewise if you are of or near retirement age and are building your retirement dream home. Those pesky stairs could be an issue in either case.

If you are building a home in a master-planned community on Joe Pool Lake between Dallas and Fort Worth, you will probably making good use of the lake. Consider a split garage to house your boat and water toys, an outdoor shower, and a mudroom. Building in the Texas Hill Country? If you’re building a custom home at a master-planned community on the Texas Wine Trail, it’s safe to assume you may be a wine collector. Ask your designer to incorporate a wine cellar into your floorplan, and you’ll not only have a great place to store your favorite vintages, but you’ll also be on trend for 2013.

Color Choice

If you can remember the days of avocado green appliances, you know how colors come in and out of style. You’re hardly going to walk into a current designer kitchen that looks like the Brady Bunch anytime soon unless it’s at the Museum of Television.

Following current color trends is easy. All you have to do is take a look at color authority Pantone. However, before you tile an entire bathroom in emerald green, the Pantone Color of the Year, you might want to remember those pink-tiled bathrooms from the ‘60s, and use a light hand.

Experts recommend staying with a palette of neutrals for the things that are not easy to alter in your Texas custom home, such as flooring, countertops, and cabinetry. Paint and accessories can be easily changed out.

More 2013 Trends

Want to make sure you incorporate a few current trends into your custom home? Take a look at a few items that are popular this year and expected to remain so.

• Elevators

If the home you are building is intended as your “forever home,” your Texas retirement home, or even a long-term vacation home, you might want to consider one of today’s hottest trends for today’s aging Baby Boomer population: elevators. If you’re not ready to build in an elevator, you can always build a closet that can be converted to an elevator at a later date.

• Outdoor living space

Outdoor kitchens have been a popular choice for many years, but today’s versions are going beyond built-in grills to incorporate items like pizza ovens. Outdoor rooms today go far beyond kitchens, with comfortable living areas that are every bit as comfortable as their indoor counterparts. Plush seating areas, fireplaces, and non-glare, waterproof TVs are becoming more common. Well-appointed screened porches are another popular choice, as are sliding glass doors that disappear into the walls, effectively erasing the line between indoor and outdoor space

• Energy efficiency

Green living is made easier with a custom home because of the ability to build in items like solar panels and energy-efficient windows and insulation. Value-added, energy-efficient items like Energy-star-rated appliances and tankless water heaters can also be incorporated.

For more information about building your custom dream home in a prime Texas master-planned community, visit SouthStar Communities.