Easy Interior Design Tips

For many new homeowners, the process to finding the perfect home takes some research. During this process, homeowners should also remember the interior of the home may need some personalizing and sprucing up. The steps to making your home more “you” can actually be the most fun!

SouthStar Communities understands the importance of custom-built and personalized homes. Keep these easy tips in mind, and watch your house turn into something you’ll be proud of.

  • Use larger prints –“DO put a large-scale printed fabric or wallpaper on the walls. DON’T play it safe, you may get tired of a bold print in the main living area,” Designer Victoria Neale says.
  • Go darker – “DO paint the room a dark charcoal or gray/black, this will open up your space. DON’T paint the walls white,” Designer Paul Mathieu says.
  • Keep proportion and scale in mind – “DO remember that proportion and scale are vital. They should be the correct width, height and depth. DON’T purchase a supersize sofa. Try not to overpower the room,” Designer Todd Klein says.
  • Think about the walls and floors together – “DO lighter walls and light floors to give the illusion of more space. DON’T forget to work the two together,” Designer Mary McGee says.
  • Draw attention with height – “DO a large piece of furniture to make the space feel larger when selected carefully. DON’T cram the space with too much stuff,” Designer Laura Kirar says.

Try this “cozy cottage” feel for your new kitchen:

  • Paneling with wood warms up the crisp white cabinetry and adds that cottage flair.
  • Get that country feel by adding a pop of color. A warm red or orange really bring the room together.
  • Don’t forget the details! Make sure to add your own personality with flowers, plates or even fabrics.

No matter what style you like, decorating the interior of your new home will be fun, exciting and something you will be proud of. Happy decorating!



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