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Land buying tips for new homebuyers

Buying land as a new homeowner is exciting - the idea of having your own property with a custom home is fascinating. Yet for first time buyers, there are several considerations to map out before the purchase:

Plan out ahead: Right now you want to build a dream home for the loved ones, but how about the next 10 or 15 years? Will you need an expansion for a little lakeside cabin, or a larger backyard for more children and grandchildren? Future planning will help you get a good estimate of what kind of slots you should be looking for.

Zoning: Can you keep horses on the property? Is the parcel in a water/sewer district? Ask specific questions to map the land to your individual plan. Some municipalities publish their zoning regulations online, so you can start by searching for the town and state zoning information on Google.

Access: Be careful with private roads with no maintenance agreement. During winter and raining season, your private roads may be severely troublesome if they are not properly maintained. Will the county be in charge of road maintenance? Having an easily accessible front also plays into homeowner's insurance.

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