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Investing in Land: A Second Home’s Summer Value

Many people choose to buy land as an investment for retirement years down the road, but building early can bring significant advantages in the meantime.

More so than any other time of year, summer instills in many the need to get away. Building a second home provides just the escape for a weekend away to take advantage of local, seasonal activities and a community’s available amenities.

Some available amenities at SouthStar’s communities include the resort-style pool and lazy river at Vintage Oaks, pictured left, and the fishing pond at King Oaks. Local attractions provide perfect summer activities for all ages, like Joe Pool Lake at Lake Ridge and Schlitterbahn and the city of Gruene close by Havenwood at Hunters Crossing and Vintage Oaks.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), second-home sales account for around 4 out of 10 residential transactions. Nearly half of those buyers intend to use their newly acquired land to build a home for vacation purposes.

Benefits to owning a vacation home include the freedom to visit at a moment’s notice at an unlimited frequency, all while experiencing a personalized level of comfort stemming from the ability to leave belongings that minimize future packing. These years also provide an opportunity to settle into and tailor your new home to best prepare for the approaching retirement years.