Tips for Showing a New Homesite

When preparing to show a homesite to a future land and home owner, it’s important to be well-versed in the property and the community that the client will be moving into. Consider the piece of property to be a blank canvas – you have the ability to paint the picture of the perfect home and the ideas are endless! Before heading out to tour a homesite, review these tips to make the most of your visit:

· Make a Wish List – Before taking your client to view a homesite, ask them to create a wish list of what they want their dream home to include. Make sure you know how big they want their backyard to be, what kind of landscaping they’re interested in and if they're interested in adding any extra amenities to their home.

· Know Community Rules – It’s important to become familiar with property owner associations to learn what kind of restrictions are in place when it comes to adding certain features like fences or outdoor kitchens. You don’t want to promise your client something that isn’t realistic.

· Tour the Entire Community – Don’t forget to show more than just the actual street they’ll be living on. Get out and show nearby restaurants and shopping centers as well as athletic facilities, schools and churches that make the community special.

· Meet the Neighbors – Encourage your clients to attend a homeowner or property owner association meeting to get engaged with future neighbors and to discuss why they enjoy living in the area. This will help future residents feel comfortable in their new community.

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