The Best Social Media Networks for Buying Land

As a real estate professional, it is extremely important to connect with potential clients and share your expertise with the public. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take advantage of the many free social media networks on the Internet. Get yourself noticed! Below are some of the top social media networks for real estate professionals:

1. Facebook – This is the most versatile social networking site for sharing real estate news. By adding available homesites and news about the property to Facebook, you open up the opportunity for conversation. It is also important to connect with current residents in addition to potential ones as they can share testimonials, photos and tips on why they decided to move to an area.

2. Twitter – Twitter is the best way to stay informed on news and information not only related to real estate but also to the communities you’re involved with. You can follow news outlets like Inman and Landflip for land-buying advice, as well as local news outlets and organizations to easily see what is going on in the communities your clients are looking to live in.

3. YouTube – YouTube allows you to show your clients an actual tour of homesites without leaving their couch. Record a walkthrough of the property and highlight the features that make the land unique. Also take videos of the community and nearby amenities that they will be able to enjoy once they move to the area.

4. Flickr – Flickr allows you to create photo albums of properties and developments and share them with colleagues and potential clients. As it's true that "pictures are worth a thousand words," your Flickr albums will no doubt speak for themselves. Be sure to add keyword-friendly descriptions so your photos show up in search engine results as well.

Have you had success using social media to sell land? Share your story with us by commenting below!