Google+ for Real Estate Professionals

Looking for a way to get connected and share news with both clients and real estate colleagues? Consider using Google+, a social networking platform that allows you to create a profile to share information and follow news stories and updates from profiles that you find relevant. The four main features, Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Pages, make Google+ an effective social media tool for Realtors®. See how you can use to these tools to network and learn more about real estate:

Circles allow to you to categorize your connections into groups based on interests and your relationship with them. When sharing information, you can choose which Circles you post information to making your posts more personal and effective. For example, create a Circle for clients and share new listings, and then create a Circle for your peers that shares news and market trends that you wouldn't share with a client. You can also make Circles that are based on location for sharing information about different cities and communities.

Google+ Hangouts allow users to connect with their Circles through video chat. Hangouts are a great opportunity to host a live discussion with a group. Realtors® can use Hangouts to make announcements, host Q&A sessions and have forums with colleagues. Hangouts are also hosted right on the Google+ page so there's no need to download software. All you need to participate in a Hangout is a computer with a camera and microphone.

Sparks allow you to follow specific news and stories that are being shared on Google+. Upon creating a profile, you can create your own Spark search terms that will be saved on your homepage for easy access. You can then share information from your Sparks with relevant Circles.

Google+ recently began allowing businesses to have pages that users can follow and share information from. Once you create a profile, you can set up a page for your business and brand it with photos, links and news as it happens.

Ready to create your own Google+ profile and page? Visit to get started today, and be sure to add Southstar Communities to your Circles.