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Protecting Your Land and Plants in the Cold Winter Months

Winter IcePicture this: A blanket of snow covering a rolling countryside with icicles hanging from every tree branch. The streams are frozen over and the animals are tucked away but the sun is shining in every which way.

As beautiful as the above picture may be, before your land and plants freeze over there are precautions you need to take before the cold winter months to protect the health and beauty of your landscape.

Outdoor Plants: For outdoor plants that are rooted in the ground, cover the roots with heavy mulch to serve as insulation for the plant base. To protect the leaves, cover them in plastic but don't allow it to touch the leaves or flowers. Try sticking posts in the ground to protect them from the plastic covering. If the pots are easy to move then it is best to move them inside or in the garage if you know a winter storm is on its way.

Land: You want to mow your lawn one last time before winter hits and allow sparse leaves and mulch to lie around here and there. Mulch will return nitrogen back into the soil during the winter and spring months. You will also want to turn off your sprinkler systems and drain the pipes to prevent them from bursting.