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Advantages of Buying Land in Texas: Part One

101424078Texas isn’t just the second largest state in the United States (which means there’s plenty to do here), but it’s also a great place to live. Texas residents enjoy a stable housing market, a consistent job market, and perhaps most importantly, affordable housing.

Education. Texas is blanketed with fine universities and other learning institutions where your children can attend and where you can further your own education. Today’s business environment demands an educated work force. With more educational opportunities readily available than in other states, Texas’ universities are constantly feeding the job market in Texas. These two systems have been working together, with highly educated employees helping to keep Texas employment opportunities steady. In fact, most of the larger cities in Texas have continued to offer constant advancement, even during the recent recession.

Business. Job opportunities in Texas are abundant. For example, Texas is home to NASA, Dell Inc., Texas Instruments Inc. and Lockheed Martin, to name a few. Texas also offers industries as varied as petrochemicals, aerospace, agriculture, advanced technology and manufacturing. Some companies hiring in New Braunfels near our Vintage Oaks Community include PETCO, Allstate Corp., and AT&T Inc. Nearby Austin, Texas was recently included in the “Top 10 Metro Areas for Job Growth.” Perhaps best of all, Texas has no state income tax. This means more of your money stays where it belongs – in your pocket!

People. With a heritage rich in history, you’ll find the people of Texas love their Lone Star State. Residents carry a shared pride in Texas’ accomplishments and a bright hope for the future. For the most part, you’ll find Texans to be courteous, friendly, and hospitable. When you live in Texas, every Texan is your neighbor. There’s a unique, special quality about buying land in the South.