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Reasons to Love the South: Part One

86523690All of Southstar Communities’ available offerings are in the South. We can offer you lakefront lots, waterfront properties, mountain views, vineyard living, equestrian communities and golfing communities, all situated in the Southern part of the United States. We would love to share with you our properties in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. If you’ve never lived in the South, here are just a few of the benefits you should be aware that Southern living can afford you:

· Weather. Weather is probably the number one appeal of living in the South. Southern states enjoy all four seasons, but with much more moderate—even pleasant—winters. Summers can be hot, but the amenities you’ll find are well adapted to match the climate. (Think “country club.”) Although a Southern winter might occasionally see some snowfall, the overall temperatures are much milder, so snow will rarely force you to reshape your plans—as it frequently does in the North. If you decide you might like to move to the South, your next step will be to have a garage sale: You’re never going to need that snow shovel again.

· People. Have you ever heard that people are friendlier in the South? It’s not just a rumor. We live here, so we know it’s true. Most people tend to be warmer and quite neighborly, more apt to take their time getting to know you. One of our properties, The Bridges at Preston Crossings, even believes in it so strongly that they’re located in a self-proclaimed “friendly” town. You’ll find that people in the South typically have pleasant manners as well. (Men here still hold doors open for women.)

· Southern hospitality. While Southern hospitality is difficult to describe, let’s just say that once you’ve experienced it for yourself, you’ll know it. It’s more than just friendliness. Southerners delight in learning from people they barely know, and thrive off of engaging each other in the art of conversation. People genuinely want to help each other. A mark of solid character in the South is reveling in the details of being a great hostess or host.

· Food, food, food. Of course, the South is a destination for great food. You’ll build entire memories around great meals. Some of our personal favorites are sweet tea, fried anything, grits, pies, biscuits and naturally, barbeque. Southerners know how to cook, their sensibilities for it tied directly to their hospitality. Making good food is a way to tell someone, “We’re glad you’re here.” Also, because most of our Southstar Communities are close to large bodies of water, you’ll find the fish to be fresh and delicious.

Southerners don’t just live in the South; they respect it and cherish it as a part of their heritage and identity. Part of that identity is to graciously share their love for this wonderful part of the country with those who haven’t yet discovered its charms. In our next post, we’ll talk about more reasons we love the South, and we’ll share with you several of the many benefits of buying a home here.