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Is it Time to Sell Your Land?

sb10064464af-001Southstar Communities specializes in selling land, primarily in Southern states. But did you know we also purchase land? We’re always interested in finding good values in attractive areas that can accommodate large acreage residential developments—anywhere in the U.S.

So what are we looking for? For the purposes we’re looking to fulfill, we pursue only properties of at least 1,000 or more acres. Simply complete and submit this simple online form, and if the land you have available meets our needs, then a representative from Southstar Communities will contact you to begin discussions.

If we should choose to purchase your property, we’ll develop it and subdivide it to suit the type of residential developments that we’ve become known for. Location is the most significant factor we consider. The kinds of communities we invest in require certain amenities and special considerations that work with the existing landscape. Depending on the layout of the land, we might develop it into a golfing community, an equestrian center or some other category of leisure lifestyle appropriate to the setting.

Southstar Communities is always in the market for more land. We have a constant flow of clients seeking the special community experiences and proven quality that we offer. Bluegreen has spectacular land deals for homesite buyers across the United States, with property values for our lots ranging anywhere from $49,000 to well over $250,000. So far, we’ve sold more than 55,000 homesites in more than 500 master-planned communities in 32 states. The real estate industry tracks with the larger economy, and long-term strength is always more important than short-term gains. Our track record speaks for itself: No other community-building company has enjoyed the same experience or success that we have. Even our advisory company, Peachtree Real Estate Advisory Services, has been working with us for 22 years.

If you have land that meets our criteria and you’re looking to sell, please let us know at our Southstar Communities Website. We’re always looking for that next property, one that has our name written all over it.