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Next Steps for Your New Homesite

So you’ve purchased land in a Southstar Communities development… now what? Most of our owners will choose to immediately start their dream home on their new land—but certainly that’s not your only option.

Hold onto it. You can keep the land, holding onto it as long as you wish. Becoming a Southstar Communities property owner in no way obligates or pressures you to build. You should base your plans to build (or hold) on your own needs and schedule. The flexibility is yours: Build only when you decide to. The only stipulation is that once you begin building, most of our master-planned communities require that you must complete your home within one year of the date your construction begins.


Start building when you’re ready. When you decide to consider building, Southstar Communities has a Property Owners Association to help you learn and understand the requirements that will affect your construction. The Association’s purpose is to maintain standards in the community, helping keep its look and feel consistent to protect the interests and property values for all owners. For a community to become and remain successful, Southstar Communities believes that a Property Owners Association is vital. Regulations govern both the style of a home and its minimum required size. The Association also maintains housing covenants, so whether you’re looking to build an all-new structure or simply adding onto your home, you’ll need to submit your plans to the Property Owners Association for review and approval. This system of checks and balances protects the reputation and style of each neighborhood. Each Bluegreen community has its own set of codes and restrictions appropriate to its location and economic level. You should always refer to these structural guidelines any time you’re thinking about building.

Southstar Communities is not a homebuilder. Our specialty is in exploring and securing ideal locations for unique communities, developing and dividing the land, and then building up what will become the common areas. Each community that we fashion is carefully planned from the beginning to offer homeowners the most value possible. We’ll construct all the roads, bring in the utilities, develop the common areas and add the amenities. All you need to do is pick your lot and start planning your dream home! Call us at 800-688-5419 or connect with us through our Website, and let’s start talking about what we can do for you.