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Reasons to Love the South: Part Two

1001734680Yesterday we talked about some of the things we love about living in the South. Today we’re going to share a few more of the things we love about the South and about some of the fabulous benefits of Southstar Communities homesites available in Southern states:

· History. Of course, the South is central to some of our nation’s richest history. Perhaps you think of the South as the antagonist in the Civil War. But its heritage goes back much further than that, and a lot has changed since that era. To discover what the South is really about, we enjoy taking time to explore its many historic museums, classic plantations and deep-rooted agricultural industry.

· Beaches! Southern beaches are picture-perfect and pristine. The weather is hot, the sand is soft and flawless, and the water is usually an ideal temperature. Do you know why people travel for hours and hours to get to beaches in the South? Because they’re worth it. Our beaches in the South are quite simply the best. One of our premier Southstar Communities, in Waverly, Georgia, not only promises easy access to beaches, but actually offers you your own private island. For seven fortunate residents, Little Satilla Island quite literally represents the opportunity of a lifetime.

· Sports. Who knows more about football than Texas? Football in the South is more than a game; it’s a lifestyle. Even though Texas is known nationwide for its high school, college, and of course professional football, the South isn’t just about football. You’ll also find some of the strongest professional basketball and baseball teams in Southern states. If you’d rather get involved yourself than watch other people play, the South offers some of the best hunting and fishing opportunities in the country.

· Golf. While it’s true that golf is played all over the world, it’s also true that we have some of the finest courses right here in the South—not to mention some of the best weather for playing year-round. In fact, one of Southstar Communities’ properties, The Bridges at Preston Crossings, features some of the best golf in Texas.

But don’t just take our word for how great it is to live in the South. Come check it out for yourself! Get in touch with us and let us share all of our master-planned community opportunities in Texas, Georgia and North Carolina. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends. We’d love to connect with you. Come find us on Facebook.