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How Long Does Homebuilding Take?

After you buy a home site in one of our master-planned communities, most people would rather start building sooner rather than later. So, you may be wondering, once we begin building, how long will the whole process last?

105645311Well, that all depends. Multiple moving parts factor in to your projections: Square footage, special features and finishes, the time of year, scheduling, communication, and the contractor and the labor. In most cases, you could probably safely plan for average home construction to last from three to six months. However, if you truly factor in everything—finding the right builder, securing financing, complying with building codes, and everything else that has to happen before the construction can even begin—you could easily be talking about a year, and possibly even longer.

As a general rule, builders try to avoid construction during rainy seasons. Generally, the rainy season is March through May. If it’s at all possible, you should avoid building during rainy seasons because water complicates the entire schedule. If it rains too much while your home is being built, the wood—and even the integrity of your house’s structure—can be compromised. And every time it rains, the contractors must wait a few days to be sure that all the wood and other materials already assembled have had sufficient time to dry out completely. The worst outcome imaginable would be to complete your dream home, only to discover after a few months that you have mold and mildew in the walls.

Every construction project faces unforeseen circumstances. But that’s exactly why you should plan as much as you can in advance—so you can be prepared for every contingency. Your objective is to create a realistic, flexible schedule that satisfies all of the players. (You should be aware that Southstar Communities requires that construction in its communities be completed within one year of the date when construction starts, but requires no timeframe to build prior to the start of construction).

If you have questions about construction or about other codes and requirements in any of our communities, please come find us on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to connect with you.