Benefits of Living on a Golf Course

golfDistinguished clients constantly contact us at Southstar Communities looking for the finest examples of planned golf course living. The communities we offer are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere for both men and women golfers, with exclusive access to some of the most coveted greens in the country. These are just a few examples of the many benefits of life on the golf course:

· Easy Access. Being right there on the course means that you can enjoy a round of golf whenever you like. You won’t waste time driving to a course because it’s right in your backyard. Special membership options are also available to homeowners who play frequently.

· Other Amenities. Golf is just one activity that a good golfing community can offer you. The better ones feature many more activities, services, and facilities: a clubhouse, restaurants, pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, and more.

· Security. All of Bluegreen’s golfing communities are gated to ensure exclusivity and security. You don’t have to be a serious golfer to appreciate the level of safety you’ll enjoy from living on a golf course in a gated community.

· Peace and quiet. When compared to city dwelling and urban environments, golf courses are serene and peaceful. Because golf courses require so much land, they are usually located far enough away from the city to escape its noise. You may hear the occasional golf cart or lawnmower, but for the most part, a course allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty in a soothing environment.

· Things in Common. Your neighbors will likely share similar interests, as golf courses generally attract affluence, stability, and common courtesy.

· Housing Options. Most golf courses offer a range of homes. Homes backing up directly to a course (or facing it) are typically larger, with more “extras,” and therefore valued higher. Fortunate, successful individuals might choose to purchase a golf course property as their primary residence, or even as a weekend getaway. At Southstar Communities, we’re happy to work with you to design and build your very own custom dream home. What do you want? We’d love to help you discover it.

With magnificent golfing communities in Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia, Southstar Communities has options to suit every discriminating taste and lifestyle. Call us today at 800-688-5419, or come visit our website, to learn more about how you can start enjoying life on a Southstar Communities golf course!