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Build on Your Lot – Helpful Tips


Building a new home may seem like a daunting task for some but when you step onto your freshly planted lawn for the first time and look at what you have created you will feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, happiness and pride. Here are a few helpful tips before you start on your home building journey:

1. Read through your contract and make sure you understand all the details, as well as what your rights are. Make sure they align with and support your ideas for your new home.

2. If you dream about a new idea, write it down immediately when you wake up. Chances are it could be one of your favorite house accents.

3. Do your research and make sure you are getting the best deal. Comparison shopping is always a good idea.

4. Double check that your home is being built in compliance with building codes. If you think something may be wrong, ask to see the paperwork.

5. Go by and check on your house as often as you can. You want to make sure everything is going smoothly and remember - if something needs to be changed, the sooner the better.

6. Compromise. If you are on a budget then think through what you are spending the most money on. Make a list of the things/rooms most important to you and allot a greater part of your budget to things on that list.

7. Keep a record of everything you and your builder discuss. If there is a problem down the road then it can be resolved much easier after recalling the written documentation.

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