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The Benefits of Southstar Communities

dv1584007When you purchase a Southstar Communities home site, you’re not just buying land; you’re buying into a community ideal. Not only can Bluegreen offer you master-planned communities all over the United States, but you can also enjoy our Bluegreen Resorts all over the world. So far, Southstar Communities has sold more than 55,000 home sites in more than 32 states. But we feel like we’re just getting started. Southstar Communities is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BXG. When you buy one of our home sites, we consider you a part of our company and a part of our family.

Founded in 1966, Southstar Communities has since grown to more than 6,000 associates. Bluegreen focuses on communities in spectacular locations, situated just outside of major U.S. cities. We carefully plan our home sites to offer each of our residents full advantage of their landscape and surroundings, not to mention the fantastic amenities we add. Southstar Communities doesn’t build homes. Instead, we work with you to “Deliver the Dream.” It’s our ambition—our vision—to help you get into your ideal dream home. We’re experts at finding and securing the perfect land. Then we hand off the home building to you and your team of homebuilders. But Southstar Communities remains involved in the entire process to help you, coordinating with you and the Property Owners Association to make sure not only that everything you’re building will work together with your community, but also to ensure that you get everything you want!

We’ll buy the land, survey it, have it zoned for your community’s needs, and ensure that all titles to the land are clear. When you purchase a site in one of our master-planned communities, we’ll give you the direct phone number of your personal sales agent, who can then walk you smoothly through each phase of your purchase.

At Southstar Communities, we pride ourselves on our great customer service. We’re here to serve you. Please call us at 800-688-5419 or contact us through our Website to learn more about our available properties. Let’s get you started down the driveway that leads to your dream home today!