Asking the Right Questions When Planning Your Dream Home

Dream Home

Most everyone has their ideal home drawn out in their head. They know exactly how the master bedroom will look, how they would like the kitchen and living room to be designed, and how it will look on the outside. They know how they want the floor, with the material already picked out. They know the interior design layout with the feel they are looking for. Everything in the home is perfect. However, many people forget the elements beyond the home.

Do you forget about amenities?
Amenities are the tangibles and intangibles of the surrounding land that increase the quality of the home and of life. Amenities like the golf course at The Bridges at Preston Crossings, the lake view of Cedar Hill or the site of the future vineyard at Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard are what make the difference between the mundane and the extraordinary. They are the difference between a fluctuating investment and a stable, exponential investment.

Are you selling yourself short on property size?
A big yard is important to a lot of people and many areas don't have available space. Rural locations with beautiful landscapes are often the best and most viable option for the recreationally oriented person. Rural communities tend to offer more recreational options than more urban communities. Hiking may be important to you. Looking into areas that have beautiful, natural landscapes would be important in that case. Maybe swimming is what you are looking for. Room for a pool might be something to consider, or an area off of a lake that offers tons of offshore options.

Are you forgetting about the Community?
The community where you buy your land is also another important element outside of the home that is by all accounts a priceless commodity. Make sure to ask yourself the following questions. What is the surrounding neighborhood like? Would I rather be caught in the busyness of the city or have a more quiet and calm atmosphere in a rural area with a nice commute? A safe and family-friendly community is important in choosing a home for your family.

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