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How Do I Know Which Landsite May Be Right for Me?


For over 40 years, Southstar Communities has been providing beautiful land with amazing views and pristine natural features like forests, lakes, and rivers to people seeking the dream of convenient country living. In fact Bluegreen has sold over 55,000 home-sites in 32 states. With all of the choices available, a range of questions needs to be answered.

What Outdoor Activities Do You Like?
In this day and age, land for regular outdoor activities can be difficult to find and sometimes difficult to get to. In some cases, it can be very important to have an expansive amount of naturally serene land in order to initiate and be involved in recreational activities and have those options at your disposal.

In the hill country of Texas, the recreational activities are endless. For hikers, it is the ideal location to build a home. The beautiful countryside and reasonably challenging trails offered on these properties are perfect for the adventurist and health-conscious person.

Vintage Oaks at the Vineyard, a beautiful area in between Austin and San Antonio, is perfect for nature enthusiasts. Centered in the second-ranked wine country in the United States, this serene piece of land features a nature preserve as well, that showcases the beauty of Texas. Just south of Canyon Lake, the views are spectacular and the environment is pristine and calming. Mixed with the vineyards and wine-oriented town, Vintage Oaks has a feeling all its own.

How Far is the Commute to the Office?
If you’re like most people who purchase land, you would live in your own quiet environment, but still need to get to the city for work. That is why it is important to select a landsite like Vintage Oaks. The Vintage Oaks vineyard is in its own, quiet environment, but the cities of San Antonio and Austin are not far off. The expansive options available at this naturally gorgeous estate are unparalleled. It is the perfect, quaint oasis in between two bustling cities. It is an exact balance between rural and urban settings, providing homeowners of Vintage Oaks with endless recreational and entertainment options.

What Kind of Environment Am I Looking For?
There are a lot of people that prefer to avoid the bustle of the city. They like to be near a river, lake or golf course. They want to be in the countryside, but also in a growing, attractive community. There are many preferences to the perfect home, but a large portion of those preferences involve the local area. The local scene needs to be what you are looking for because you only want to be within the confines of your home for a certain amount of time.

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