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Bluegreen Land in Georgia

Southstar Communities offers two unique properties in Georgia. Both are located in southern Georgia: Sanctuary Cove at St. Andrews Sound in Waverly, and Little Satilla Island at Sanctuary Cove, located near Saint Simmons Island, in the Golden Isles.

GeorgiaGeorgia is a great place to live and raise a family. If you’ve never considered moving to Georgia, there are a few things you should know. First, the state of Georgia offers you the mountainous north, the big city life of Atlanta, several beach opportunities near Savannah, and of course ample Southern charm. Georgia is the biggest state east of the Mississippi River, with a population of almost ten million people. Its main industries are textiles, timber, cotton, corn and poultry. Georgia, the Peach State, is often also called the Empire State of the South.

Waverly, where Sanctuary Cove is located, is a part of the Columbus metropolitan area. In 2003, Waverly had a modest population of nearly 800 people. Saint Simmons, the site of Little Satilla Island, was recently named one of the best places to retire for active adults, largely because of its close proximity to the beach, its variety of local small towns, and its relatively low crime rate.

Georgia is a wonderful place to live, and is filled with wonderful people. Perhaps when you think of beach and waterfront, you think of Florida. But don’t count Georgia out: Georgia’s entire east coast is waterfront, enjoying the same temperatures and climate as most of the rest of the state.