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3 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Buy Land

When you buy property, you’re selecting a blank canvas where you can design and build your dream home. Finding just the right piece of property isn’t easy. A lot depends on what you want to do with the land and its surroundings.

1. What do you want this land to be? Will this land house your primary residence, a vacation home, or a small getaway cabin? You need to determine what you want to do with the land before you move forward.

2. What condition is the land in? Walk or drive through the property to thoroughly assess what condition it’s in. How much work will need to be done to get the land suitable for what you want to do there? Try to envision how your land should look when you’re finished. Come up with a plan that takes the land from where it is today to that point. Will you need to remove hills? Vegetation? Trees? Will you need to address drainage issues?


3. What are the risks? Besides economic considerations, you also need to check the history of an area to see how what kinds of storms or other natural cycles occur here. Does it flood here? Are there tornadoes or other strong storms? What are the winters like? You can often find geological surveys online that lay out flood plains and weather sites that can tell you the history of a region.

Before you sign anything committing you to a piece of property, be sure you’ve first answered all of these questions to your satisfaction. Southstar Communities never pressures its clients to build. You’re welcome to purchase land from us and simply hang onto it. We’re happy to tour you thoroughly through any of our properties so you can see plainly what you’re committing yourself to. Many of our properties have already been cleared and prepared for development, so few will require significant work before building. The weather you’ll be dealing with in any place you live is a matter of lifestyle choice, which we carefully assess with you to make sure you’re getting what you really want.

In our next post we’ll share three more serious questions you need to answer before you purchase a property.