3 MORE Questions to Ask Before You Buy Land

HOME Last time we discussed 3 Essential Questions to Ask Before You Buy Land questions you need to answer before you purchase land. Today, we have three more questions for you to help you make sure you’re getting what you want—and what you expect:

1. How is this property zoned? Particularly in and near residential developments, land is zoned for specific uses and allowances. What is it you intend to do with the land you’re considering? Will you even be allowed to use this property in that way? The local government and homeowners association can clearly line out for you what is permissible on your land. Ask lots of questions.

2. Are utilities accessible? You might find the perfect property for your dream home, only to learn later that you’re going to have to spend tens of thousands of dollars getting water, electricity, and other utilities to it. In other cases, the land might already have all of its main services nearby and easy to connect to. Consider where you’ll want to place any structures, and evaluate seriously how much difficulty and expense will be involved in making your dream happen.

3. Who and where are the neighbors? Purchasing land is a great opportunity, and you need to consider not only where the land is, but also the community and the neighborhood. Be sure to consider how close or far other neighbors are. Do you want to be secluded and not have other neighbors for miles, or would you rather have neighbors that are relatively close? What type of people would want property in this location?

All of these are questions you need to be asking (and answering) before you put any money down.

All of Southstar Communities’ properties are zoned for residential purposes, so there’s never any question or hassle with local governments, trying to learn how the land we offer is zoned. Because all of our communities are planned well in advance, we have water and electricity already conveniently run to each of our sites. That way, when you’re ready to build, you’re really ready.

Bluegreen’s portfolio of planned communities includes only properties carefully selected for attractiveness and demand. Come see for yourself all that Southstar Communities has to offer. Your potential home, even if it’s still just a dream in your mind’s eye, is waiting for you.