Finally… 4 MORE Things to Do Before You Buy a Home

In the past few days we have discussed several points you should address when you’re considering the purchase of a new home. Today, we’ll finish up with four more of what might be the most important things you should think about:

1. Consider the view. The house and the property are obviously important—sometimes so important that buyers neglect to look out all of the windows and consider: This is what I’ll be looking at, day after day, for years. Even if your home is beautiful and sound, if you can’t stand any of the views, you may end up hating living there.

Home Buying

2. Check the surrounding area. Some homes are in what the industry refers to as “transitional” neighborhoods. Every home is sold for a reason. Make sure you know that reason.

3. Double-check bells and whistles. When you’re thinking through the features you want your home to have, make sure that the home you’re considering fits the bill. It’s a good idea to make a written, prioritized checklist for yourself. Don’t sacrifice—or overlook—something that’s actually very important to you. You’re spending a lot of money; make sure that you’re getting what you really want.

4. Look into zoning and building codes. Check with City Hall and your neighborhood covenants about property and neighborhood zoning issues. You need to know what restrictions your property may place on your lifestyle. For example, if you have an RV or boat you’re planning to keep somewhere on your property, you need to make sure that’s even allowed.

Southstar Communities specializes in planned communities with only superb views, in ideal locations. We take great care to factor in views, setting, and total environment. We want you not just to enjoy your home’s amenities, but to look out your windows or sit on your porch and enjoy everything you see. We locate most of our communities outside of major cities, so we encourage you to travel into those cities and check out all of the different entertainment options available to you there. Since most of our homes are custom-built, we encourage you to examine all of the home’s existing features. Often we find that many buyers haven’t even considered some of the extra features that we build in by default. We’ll discuss your zoning restrictions with you and show you your property lines. Southstar Communities wants to help you find your ideal property. We want to deliver the dream.